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Getting Fast and Loose

Written by Maree on September 5th, 2016.      3 comments

It's hard not to be drawn in by all the images online of the crazy and insane massively mega chunky yarns.  These yarns and projects have been the editorial fodder for interior designers and fibre artists for a while now - and the bigger the better.
Chunky Blanket bed-976

As you can imagine we get oodles of inquires of how you can recreate these looks at home - and an industry has sprung up around these yarns and projects.  From knitting with carded sliver through to partially felted uber expensive bumps - all is available and out there if you look.

Over this month I though I explore the passion and pitfalls of knitting super sized yarn.  The instant satisfaction you get from creating a garment or project with massive impact and appeal in a matter of hours is infectious, so where do you start?  What yarns are the best to use?  What should you knit?

Big is GOOD
What I love about these super sized yarns is the instant gratification you have when you work with them.  Even as an experienced knitter of over 35 years knitting under my belt, I still get a kick of knitting mega chunky yarns and knocking together a project in no time at all.  Better still is the satisfaction you get when you are a beginner.  

I taught a friend recently to knit.  She loves fashion and us utterly fearless in giving something a go.  So armed with a set of 15mm needles (stakes) and several hanks of Limbo yarn I cast her on, showed her knit stitch and had her knit me a handful of rows so I could make sure she had her technique down.  After and hour she was comfortable with doing knit stitch, with a few quick measurements we started her off in the mission of knitting a over-sized garter stitch square.
Chunky Angela-887

Less than a week later, fours squares were completed, two large, two smaller, which we sewed together to make simple and striking kimono style tunic jumper.  This was spied by her university aged daughter and snaffled.  This was her first ever project, an adult sized jumper, completed in week and it looked great - Win/Win.  She is now working on another using larger 20mm needles (pictured above) to create a more open fabric to knit a longer tunic for herself.  The important message here is that she was able to create something so special and satisfying, so QUICKLY.

Using her experience I have decided to conduct my own experiment of taking two new mega chunky's in our Skeinz range and play around to see how easy it is to create something so instantly satisfying.  At the end of this journey I hope to have shared my path and also the patterns so you can recreate your own supersized yarn odyssey at home.  Next time I will look at the positive and pitfalls of the yarn's available and see what will work best for us becoming fast and loose!

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3 What do you think?

SuYen Pharazyn says ...
I am keen to try this, I also have been knitting for a long time(50yrs) and use mostly common plys
Karen says ...
Hi Maree,
I'm thinking of making a big blanket. Does the Limbo wear well?
Louise van den Munckhof says ...
Love chunky yarns but often gutted about the extra chunk to my chunky figure. But I love the idea of making homely items from them.
Have used the bright pink "Texas" for a cardigan does add the look of a few pounds to my middle age spread but it is so gorgeously warm, cuddly and soft. I love wearing it on a cold day.
At KANS I also used the beautiful jade colour of Texas (kindly supplied by Skeinz ,thank you)to crochet with my fingers and the colour was so much more beautiful made up than in the ball. I made a small table mat (trivet) which has given me the bug to make chunky items for the home. Love the fact it is feltable.

Next project I have spied was a collar and a floor rug knitted with a loop stitch to make it look like a false sheepskin. Will I want it feltable or will I want it using the chain of "limbo" ( I have been admiring the pink coloured version for a while)?
I had a look at a few fun ideas by completing a pattern search in ravelry for "Knitted loop stitch".
I am now thinking about those funny slippers that came up in the search and thought I may need some curlers in my hair to match.
I think the chunky wool rules, though I am sure my arms will want to drop off after using either them, a broomstick or those huge knitting needles to knit them. The finger crochet class at KANS was awesome, the perfect skill for a teacher to learn and teach kids to do with recycled materials.
Yarn Sheep-871

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