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Wham Bam - Instant Gratification

Written by Maree on September 19th, 2016.      0 comments

Take 20mm needles a hank of Limbo and in as little as an hour you can have finished a cowl (maybe two if you're an absolute beginner) - don't believe me - read on....
Limbo Outlander-64

I'm (k)not kidding - I tested this out, after watching the Outlander series religiously I just fell in love with all the stunning hand knitted garments that the characters, especially Claire, were costumed in.  One that became and instant internet hit was the simple rustic cowl Claire wore multiple times throughout season 1.
Just a mobius made using garter stitch, this cowl is simplicity of design at it's best.

So armed with a hank of Limbo Amaranth and 20mm needles I cast on 15 stitches.  I knitted every row until the hank was almost done (I had about a metre remaining) and then I cast off.  I then twisted the end over to join to create  a mobius. Time to completion 55 minutes.  That's it.  This project is one of my go to when teaching new knitters, because it's easy, fast and so on point and easy to wear.

Limbo Outlander2-996

And why leave it to just one hank - what happens if you knit two hanks?  You would get a cowl that you could comfortably wrap a couple of time or flip onto your head into a hood. Again knitting time for this cowl - less than 2 hours!
Limbo Cowl-507

Other designers have also had fum with Limbo - Skeinz favourite, Rhiannon McCulloch designed a Limbo Cowl for it's launch last year - a series of simple Cables to create a stylish cowl that looks great standing up to keep out the wind or laying flat like a collar.
Limbo C 2-210

If you'd like to knit the Limbo cowl - it's available on Ravelry for FREE and we have 15mm circular needles available from Skeinz.
Limbo progress-616

So where to from here?
It's time to get stuck in and knit swath of fabric and see where things go.
I have cast on 56 stitches and I have just started to knit a stocking stitch panel. Why?  Because I can, and because I want to see where the fabric might lead.  Would it make an amazing wrap?  Possibly a poncho?  who knows, only the knitting knows, but when you can create something so quickly - why not!
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