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Needles, Notions & Gifts

Needles, Notions & Gifts

We are now able to offer a selection of needles, notions & other interesting bits that we collect along the way for you.  Needing a gift? Stocking up? You'll find it here!

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Wooden Needle 3mm
Beech Wood Needle 3.25mm
Beech Wood Needle 3.75mm
Beech Wood Needle 4.5mm
Beech Wood Needle 5mm
Out of Stock
Beech Wood Needle 5.5mm
Beech Wood Needle 6mm
Wooden Needle 6.5mm
Wooden Needle 7mm
Wooden Needle 8mm
Out of Stock
Wooden Needle 9mm
Wooden Needle 2mm
Wooden Needle 10mm
Out of Stock
Wooden Needle 2.25mm
Skeinz Mohair Knee Blanket - Argenti
Skeinz Alpaca Knee Blanket - Carboni
Skeinz Alpaca Throw Blanket - Carboni
Skeinz Brushed Throw Blanket - Miscela
Skeinz Mohair Throw Blanket - Argenti
Lothlorian Possum Blend Scarf - Black
Lothlorian Possum Blend Scarf - Denim
Lothlorian Possum Blend Scarf - Gold
Lothlorian Possum Blend Scarf - Lagoon
Lothlorian Possum Blend Scarf - Red
Lothlorian Possum Blend Scarf - Teal
Skeinz Knit Kit - Jasper in Falcon

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Skeinz Shop
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