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Spring Clean, Indian Spummer

Written by Maree on November 3rd, 2016.      0 comments

Sale Combo-630

Spring is the time at the Skeinz Mill that we step back to look at all the current yarns, what's in the pipeline and where to for the following year.
It's an excruciating process, you have to assess the performance and merits of each yarn and then make those dreadful decisions of who gets to stay or who gets to go. Ultimately you feel like you are trying to decide which one of your children you like least and you you pray that entire situation doesn't leave you in tears.
Colorado Group-496

OK, maybe not that dramatic, but almost.  All these ranges are developed from their genesis of a single fibre, farm or concept and are lovingly nursed through the entire process by us from go to woah.  So attachments are likely to form.  
Naked Cheviot Aran-4-764

So what happens to these yarns - well essentially we put them up for adoption in the form of a sale.  We reduce the price and hope, beyond hope, that they will all find loving homes.  Now is that time - the time where you should stop by the Skeinz SALE page and see if you can give one of these yarn, tender, loved and special a new home.
OT Sock Speckle custom-901

All this is a for a good cause however, it makes room for new ranges and experiments in yarn pleasure - like introducing special exclusive Indie dyed yarns on Skeinz bases.  Made even more special when the Indie dyer in question is also one our beloved part time staffers - Virginia from Orange Tail yarns.  She has created a limited edition collection for us which we adore.  
OT HT Sock Custom-504

We have been itching to get our own Indie sock yarns in store and Virginia has obliged with stunning colours in both the classic Merino Nylon sock and the intense shades reflected from the Superwash High Twist Merino sock.  She has also done two whimsical shades of 4ply Merino Soft in shade which complement our current solid range (they look SO good with Merino Soft Silver) and for those who are after something a little thicker, we have some classic Skeinz Machine washable DK available.
OT Gladys Bubblegum-292-15

So if you have Christmas project planned, now is the perfect time to take advantage of our SALE (yarn adoption) or to have a look at the Orange Tail collection.  The full collection is in store now, with a feature yarn being available online each Thursday, starting this week with the cheeky Merino Soft 4ply called Gladys Bubblegum.

What do you think?

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