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COVE 4ply + 8ply

Cove is a limited edition batch made with 100% recycled natural fibres with a high percentage of natural coloured Merino & Alpaca to create a darker natural base yarn which when dyed produces a rich colour range - a real treasure chest of jewel shades.

Available in a two fold 4ply and a three fold DK - Cove is lush, soft, bouncy and utterly dangerous - because once you start working with Cove it will be hard to stop!
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Cove 4ply - Key Lime
Cove 4ply - Miami Beach
Cove 4ply - Santorini
Cove 4ply - Smugglers Den
Cove 4ply - Pirate Pride
Cove 4ply - Rocky Shore
Cove 4ply - Spanish Bay
Cove 4ply - Pine Cove
Cove 8ply - Key Lime
Cove 8ply - Miami Beach
Cove 8ply - Santorini
Cove 8ply - Smugglers Den
Cove 8ply - Pirate Pride
Cove 8ply - Pine Cove
Cove 8ply - Spanish Bay
Cove 8ply - Rocky Shore
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